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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My junk has arrived!!!

So finally, after a month and a half, all our belongings have arrived. It wasn't easy, but after the rest of what has occurred, I'm not surprised. About 50% of the boxes were crushed, but in the end only 3 cups and one bowl were broken. Well, and one bookcase was totally ruined. The other is broken, but at least usable. And my kitchen island is stained. So for your enjoyment, and as a reminder to NEVER do business with Sky Moving and Storage, or the guy who contracted to deliver our stuff, Samy Services, here are some pictures of my house!

The completely broken bookcase

The bed frame that's missing a part, making it useless

My stained kitchen island

My living room. Like the island in it??

My kitchen which is now a mess

This used to be my dining room

The futon and exercise bike on the back porch

The dining table and chairs on the back porch

This used to be my craft room!!!

Can you see the little bit of my craft table by the bookcase??

My bedroom

My bedroom

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Update

First update. The movers. Our stuff is STILL missing. It was supposedly on the truck 2 weeks ago, and was going to be here last wednesday thru friday. Hubby called on Wed and he was in New Mexico. Thursday he was in Colorado, and would not get here till this weekend. Now, I stink at geography, but you have to go from Colorado to California via Canada to have it take a week. Seriously this is beyond ridiculous. I dont even know what to do at this point. I want to withhold part of the payment, but I'm afraid of what they will do to me. They do have my credit card info.

Second update. My business. Have gotten 2 small sales online this month. And one of my coworkers has bought 3 pairs of earrings so far, and wants to buy more. So this month hasn't been too bad sales wise. The problem is that I am still spending way more than I make on etsy :)  But it's sooooo fun to shop and buy great quality handmade items.

Third update. I greatly dislike my current traveling job, but my mom and sister have each found a potential job for me, both in the city I live in. One would still be in a Skilled Nursing Facility, which is not my favorite setting. The other would be in an outpatient clinic, dealing with a lot of workers comp patients. Much more the type of setting I love. I love doing hands on, manual therapy. And you really don't get to do that in a nursing home.

So, thats about all thats going on in my life right now. And its more than enough for me!!! I just remember to learn from all my experiences and enjoy the moment, because you wont get it again.