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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The moving company to NEVER use

So, as most of you know, my husband and I have recently relocated back to California from North Carolina. And as anyone who has ever moved knows, it is an extremely painful process. We decided to use a moving company, because we weren't sure where we would be located, and our belongings had to be put in storage for awhile. Well, we chose Sky Moving and Storage. (

Now, let me tell you all the probems we have had with them. First I asked for an estimate, with an unknown move date. I got the estimate. Then I was harrassed every other day via email or phone calls, about when we were moving. I finaly had to get rude with the lady and tell her not to call again, I woud call her when something was decided. So that was the first red flag.

Then we book them, and the pick up date is moved 2 or 3 times. And then on the day, they are over 5 hours late. Red flag number two. And flag three was when he says, oh you have more stuff that the estimate said, I dont think it will fit. Well, when I called for the estimate I told them it was a 10' by 10' by 8' storage unit, packed FULL. And me being the trusting person I am, made a huge mistake and didn't read the estimate with a fine tooth comb. The rep had put 367 cubic feet. Well, the way I learned math 10x10x8 equals 800 cubic feet. So the first 367 cubic feet were at a rate of 45 cents per cubic foot. Everything over that is charged at 90 cents a cubic foot. DOUBLE!!! So they lied on the estimate, so they could make more money off us!!!

Yesterday I get a call from the mover asking if we want to keep our belongings in storage another month, or set a delivery date. I told him the delivery date had been set for June 3rd. Friday. In 4 days. He tells me he never set a date and there was no way it was getting there on Friday. So we go back and forth, and set this Wednesday to be the date its taken out of storage, and started on its journey to CA. Red flag number four.

Number five comes when he says we still owe almost $900 on the first half before they deliver it. And they cant do it by credit card, because "too many large charges from the same company raise red flags and the banks don't pay us quickly". He gives us a back account number and tells us to deposit the money directly into it. Really???? Who gives out their bank account number????

So, hubby and I decided to do a western union money transfer so there is a record of our payment in case we have to dispute them.

Flag six is the fact that I asked when the delivery date would be. They are unable to give an estimate. But they can give me two days notice. Seriously???? I'm expected to be at their beck and call?? I'm the one paying them over $3000, they should do what I want when I want it!!! I'd already asked for this Friday off to be there when they come. Now I will have to ask for another day off, next week. And that means I have to work another Saturday to make up for it. So again, we are getting screwed.

Finally, red flag number seven is their better business bureau rating. Unfortunately this should have been flag one or two, but I didn't look it up. Their rating is F!!!! So that red flag was my bad. But still, how do you get an F?? Well, see above post.

Now, I wanted to write this post in the hopes of saving just one person. So, if there is anyone who knows anyone who is moving, please let them know about this company. And make sure you do all your homework, thoroughly. Don't go with a company you find on the internet. You may think you are saving money, but they will rip you off in the end. Go with the company that comes to your site and looks at your stuff and gives you a real estimate. Yes, it is a hassle. Yes it takes time out of your busy schedule, and adds more stress to an already stressful time. But in the end it will reduce your stress, and protect your money.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May Update

Well, it's May, and the flowers are definitely blooming around here. And back in North Carolina the pollen is falling like snow, and I got an upper respiratory infection while I was back there getting our stuff loaded on a moving truck. So finally, after over 4 months, I only have to wait a few more weeks until I get all my belongings back. Oh how nice it will be to have pots and pans and non-paper plates and non-plastic silverware. And little things like can openers, more than one towel apiece, potholders, the rest of my jewelry supplies, all my clothes. And soon my car will be here too, so I will have air conditioning in time for the true summer heat.

I have also just started a new job after 4 months of not working. It's nice to be back at work, but also tough to be in a new place that is totally different from what I am used to. The patients have a lot more complex diagnoses than I am used to, and many of them will stay there for the remainder of their lives. Its a hard mental adjustment for me to make, since I am used to working in outpatient clinics and in an inpatient facility where people stayed about a month before they were able to go home. But I still love what I do, and that's the most important part.

As for my jewelry business, all I can say is SLOOOOOOWWWWW. I am no where near reaching my sales goal for the year. I set a goal of 2 sales a week. Well, its been 18 weeks, and I only have 5 sales. I haven't participated in any craft shows yet, but there are a few on the horizon that look interesting. As for working on creating new items, and spending 5 hours a week doing it, I am not succeeding. My motivation waxes and wanes. When I finally learned how to make my flower rings, I was in seventh heaven and spent hours making them.

I have also spent hours working on mothers day presents for my sister and sister in law who are brand new mothers, and my mom. And every now and again I get a spurt of creativity, but nothing consistent.

I hope now that I have started a job, and have a more set schedule, I will be able to devote time to my jewelry business. I seem to do much better when I have set hours and more things to do. The more things I have to do, the more I get done. It seems backwards, but it's what works for me.

Here's to a great May, as well as the months after!