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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Goals

Well, 2013 is here, and like any good American, I have a whole list of resolutions to keep!! Most have to do with my jewelry business, and one is a personal weight loss goal. I am writing them out here, and plan to check back at the end of each quarter, so that I can make sure I am staying on track, and make any modifications that are necessary. So, here you go!

Goal #1
To double my revenue on etsy. Last year I made just shy of $1000. This year I want to make at least $2000.  With changes that etsy has made, they don't count items sold, so its too much work to calculate this. And just looking at gross sales is easy to track. I will not worry about taking out etsy/pay pal fees, or about taking out shipping. I will look only at gross income from sales.

Goal #2
To organize, and keep organized, my office space. This includes keeping track of all receipts and expenses, and logging them to make tax time a LOT easier. I bought a few "organization bundles" from HappyOrganizedLife on etsy, and have them all printed out and in a binder, so I am starting off the year very strong!

Goal #3
To spend at least 5 hours a week on designing and creating new products for both my etsy shop, and my friends gallery where I have a display. My new nifty organization goodies will make it easy to plan my week, as well as track what I actually did!

Goal #4
To have at least 150 items in my shop by the end of the second quarter, and 200 by the end of the third quarter. The more inventory, the more opportunity for people to fall in love and buy :)

Goal #5
One of my dearest friends, Libbi, of MtBaldyGlassworks, has opened her very own Artisan Loft and Gift Gallery. I have a nice little area in prime real estate in her shop. She opened on Oct 1st, and I had my jewelry in there since the middle of October. In both October and November, I made just over $100 per month, after all applicable taxes and fees were taken out. I did MUCH better in December, though I don't know the exact numbers yet. Since this is a brand new venture for everyone, I'm going to set my goals lowish, with the hopes of surpassing them. If necessary, I will reset the goals higher at the quarterly check in. So, my goal is $150 per month, for a total of $1800 for the year.

Goal #6
This one is my personal goal. I have gained a huge amount of weight over the last 6 or so years. Most of it was initially caused by medications, but I also did nothing to modify my diet. This weight has taken a tole on me, and its time for it to go. Last year I lost a total of 34 pounds. I still have about 93 pounds left to lose. My goal for 2013 is to lose at least 75 pounds. This progress will be easy to track, because I have a nice little widget at the top of my blog, which automatically updates my weight loss every time I log it.

See you in three months for a check up!!!!