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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dreams DO come true!

Look at this view!! Would you want to leave this??
One of my good friends, and teammates, is proof of this! She wanted to open a shop to showcase other artisans, and have a studio space for herself. The problem wasn't the studio, as she had an AWESOME space at her husbands business. Unfortunately it was 45 minutes (on a good day) down into the lovely valley of southern california. Smog anyone? She was tired of driving down the mountain, away from her beautiful home that she had worked so hard to move to.

Mt Baldy Glassworks Studio and Artisan Gift Loft

One day she found the perfect 100 year old building, in her beautiful town, that she could rent and turn into her dream place. She worked hard for a couple of months renovating and cleaning the building until it became a presentable space. Then she advertised for artisans, and got more than she could have ever dreamed of! Another month of work was spent getting the shop all put together with the beautiful artwork. And on November 3rd, 2012, she had her grand opening, which was, of course, a roaring success!

Mmmmm delicious goodies at the Artisan Loft
The front entrance of this beautiful building.

Libbi Shorts of Mt. Baldy Glassworks is the propritress and a wonderfully talented artist!! Her glasswork is amazing beyond words! You can find lots of items at her online shop:

 Welcome to the Artisan Gift Loft, enjoy your tour of amazing artwork, handmade goods, and a truly wonderful historic building.
The "security guards"


A cozy little nook to read in front of the wood burning fireplace.

Libbi's amazing hubby, who put in so much work to help her with the space,
and one of the featured artisans (thats her artwork in the pics right above)

The wonderful local band who came to play!
Lots of happy customers!

The stunning patio near sunset time

 Even the bathroom door is awesome!
 It was painted by Libbi's son, along with the whole bathroom,
but this is  all I could get a picture of :(

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When Hubby Is Away...

I Shall Redecorate.

A few weeks ago, I decided my boring storage cabinet needed an update. And not just any update. It needed bright blue chalkboards!!! And a cork board and a schedule.

The outside of the cupboard, pre-Reno

The first thing I had to do was quite boring. I had to take the backing off and fix one of the shelves that was in backwards (yes I may have a bit of OCD). Then I had to put the backing back on, with no nails poking through to the front.

Next I took the doors off and collected all my supplies. I choose a stunning bright blue paint- called cool cobalt. I just love the name.

Ready, Set, Go

After sanding the panels and taping the panels, I began painting. Since I could only find chalkboard paint in very dull boring colors, I chose to go with regular paint, and a clear chalkboard coating. It took 2 coats of the stunning blue, then 3 coats of the chalkboard coating. The chalkboard coating I got from Hobby Lobby.

The doors drying away in my living room

While the paint was drying, I installed a cork board panel to the back of the cabinet, as well as a dry erase weekly calendar. I organized my paper crafting goodies and shipping supplies on the top shelves. On the top of the cabinet are my photo supplies, bulkier display pieces that I use regularly, my toaster oven, and baby crock pot for pickling jewelry. On the lower shelves are my cricut, more beads, polymer clay supplies, metalworking supplies, and other odds and ends. I really need to go through the bins and organize and purge. In front of the cabinet you can see my craft table and my rolling storage cart full of beads and findings and supplies.

My Little corner of the guest room.

Here you can see an up close view of the cabinet, with the pretty blue doors, and the corkboard and planner along the back.
My beautiful updated cupboard.
What do you think?