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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why read the directions.....

If you aren't going to follow them?  A.K.A Sunday nights dinner!

Last week I received a"treat" that I had ordered for myself. I'm a major popcorn addict, and one of my teammates on etsy sells popcorn and gourmet seasonings. So I bought myself a little package.

4 different kinds of popcorn, and 4 different seasonings! I was in heaven.

The first night I popped myself some royal purple kernels, with kettle corn seasoning, the old fashioned way. Meaning, with oil in the pan, on the stove. It was beyond amazing. Literally as good as the stuff they sell at the fairs. I was absolutely blown away. Who knew it could be so easy and delicious?? For those of you who are unfamiliar with kettle corn, its popcorn, with both salt AND sugar mixed together, giving it the perfect sweet n' salty mix.

Now, I'm in the process of moving. Well really, just packing up everything and putting it in storage, until we find out where my husbands new job is going to place him. So away I packed all my pots and pans. Whoops, now how do I make this delicious popcorn again? Trust me, unpacking the pan did cross my mind! Instead I thought, well I'll just go buy this microwave popper I'd seen at Target. That way I don't have to use oil, and it will be better for me, since I'm trying to lose weight.
Product [image]

Off I went, back to where I'm staying, with my new popcorn popper. Sunday night comes, I'm exhausted, and hungry. I look for the directions to work the thing, and I've lost them somewhere in the moving. Whoops. I get the great idea....just google it!! So I do, and I find the directions from the manufacturer. Where it CLEARLY says, DO NOT use oil. But I saw consumers post that they use oil. And despite my weight loss intentions, it was sooo good with the oil last time. Guess where this is going? Yup, oh she of the multiple college degrees decides to ignore the manufactures directions, and to add oil to the container. Oh, but wait, it gets better! I then decide, ummmm more kettle korn, lets add that to the container too!! Into the microwave goes my dinner. Yum yum I can hardly wait. About 3 minutes passes, and the popping has stopped. Oh its ready!

Now I carefully pull it out of the microwave, cause you know, its hot and all. Off I tear the lid, and there sits, wafting up to me, CHARRED popcorn. Now, I'm not talking burnt, I'm talking, little piles of charcoal briquettes AFTER you've had the big bar-b-que. Unfortunately (Fortunately?) for you, I have no pictures of this. Why, you ask? Because it was smoking and smelled horrid! So I had to rush and get it outside to the trash before I stank my aunt and I out of the house!! But here's a pic of the container after its maiden use :(

(not ruined, just not the nice pretty yellow it used to be)

Moral of the story, and the title of the post? Why read the directions if you aren't going to follow them? In this case, I assume the manufacturer had tried popping with oil, and had a similar outcome, though I bet not as spectacular, since they probably hadn't added kettle korn seasoning. Which, did I mention, is sugar! Sugar, oil, and heat equals caramel, on a stove top. However, in a microwave it apparently equals char!!

And a parting word from one of my favorite comedians: "Here's your sign!"