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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Looking For Inspirations

I find myself looking for inspiration more in the beads and finding I come across, or from the people I know, rather than in nature. I see a beautiful bead and know what I want to do with it. How I want to create an image and feeling with the beads.

Take this bracelet for example:

I saw the beads and knew I had to have them. Immediately! At any cost. I took one look at them and felt myself suddenly relax. I felt at ease and could picture the blue green waves of the ocean crashing onshore and swirling with the sand. They evoked a sense of calm and happiness. I then paired them with the beautiful blue turquoise beads that reminded me of the sky. That combination led me to the “sand, sea, and sky bracelet”

Another one of my favorite means of inspiration is my friends and family. I picture someone and try to create something that they would love. When I saw these purple heart beads, I immediately thought of my sister. Like me, she loves hearts. And her favorite color is purple. So when I created these earrings, I named them “Carrie” in her honor.

I also tend to collect lots of beads and findings and books and wait for the inspiration to hit. Much to my husbands dismay, I have pounds of beads waiting to become a beautiful piece of jewelry that someone will take home and love to wear. Dont be afraid to contact me with any requests for yourself or others :)

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  1. Great Post!! I am the same way, it is all about the shapes, and colors of beads that inspire me. Love your bracelet!!!