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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Madness

It seems like March is both flying by, and dragging on. The year is almost a quarter of the way over, and I have made little progress on my goals for the year. I am no where close to my sales goal, I haven't done any craft shows yet. However, I have done pretty well with committing 5 hours a week to designing and creating. One of the side effects of unemployment :)

So, my next goal is to spend a bit more time creating jewelry so I can get more items listed and hopefully sold. I also plan to start looking for some spring time craft shows. I already have a fall show in mind, back in North Carolina, at the beach where I go for "girls weekend" with my girlfriends. A great excuse to go back to see my friends, and spend some time at the beach. And we went to this show last year and I really looked around and scoped out the other jewelry designers. There were of course quite a few, but none were selling jewelry similar to mine.

Now that we are settling in back in California I can start looking for and planning for some craft shows out here. There are also tons of weekly "farmers markets" and "street fairs" that I could probably rent a booth at.

So that's my update and plans on the progress towards my goals.


  1. You have a good idea of how you want to progress for the rest of the will get there:)

  2. Good luck with finding shows....I would love to do some in the summer too but nothing here until the Christmas season.

  3. Good luck! The farmer's markets and street fairs sound interesting....

  4. I'm learning to walk the shows before doing them. Some of the craft shows have $1 items and that's not my target market.

    All the best, Beth.

  5. Isn't it just crazy how time flies? I sit down in the morning at my computer and the next thing I know people are asking what's for supper and my to do list has grown instead of going down! Best of luck with your plans and goals!

  6. Good luck on continuing to complete your goals. You can do it!

  7. You sound so organized, I am taking notes!