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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012 Goal Update for February

Goal #1- To sell 104 items on etsy in 2012.
So far I am doing good. I have only had 2 sales so far, but they have been big orders price wise, and the first one was for 6 necklaces, and 6 earrings. So can I count that as 12 sales???? Then I had a sale in Feb for my highest price necklace. How exciting because its also my first international sale!! Its going to New Zealand. It makes me feel really validated that strangers are finding my little store, and recognizing my quality, and wanting to own a piece of my jewelry!

Goal #2- To participate in 2 shows in 2012.
So far I have done nothing about shows. No research, no planning, no applying. Its the slow season, but I probably should start looking so I can find a good one.

Goal #3- To maintain at least 100 items in my etsy store.
I'm on track with this! Been over 100 every day so far. Have lots of ideas for more running around in my head, just need to get to work on them.

Goal #4- To dedicate 5 hours per week to my shop. Whether that means creating, photographing, editing, or listing.
This continues to be a difficult area for me. I think the main difficulty, is keeping track!! Like tonight I made a pair of earrings as I watched TV. Now, how long did I spend? Maybe I need to invest in a craft storage thingy with a stopwatch attached, and when I open the lid the timer starts!! Now, this was my idea, so don't anyone steal it from me, hehehehehe 

Goal #5- To maintain better records on how my time is spent, my supply purchases, and my sales. Also to keep a notebook full of the things that I need to work on, as well as ways to prepare my shop for the trends of shoppers.
Well I think I just answered above about the records of my time spent. My purchases I have also forgotten (but should be easy to update). I forgot I had intended to track this in fact, so its a good thing I'm checking in! Shopping trends I am having issues with. I read the emails from etsy, but I'm not sure what is important to pay attention to. Any advice from anyone???


  1. all wonderful goals, which I'm sure you'll exceed in all of them. congrats on your big sales!

  2. Keep up the fab work and congrats on your 13 sales so far!

  3. Great post!! I'm glad you've got all those goals! ^^

  4. Congratulations on revisiting your goals! It's very difficult to do, but should keep you on track. Good luck!

  5. Congratulations on your sales, it is always nice when you know somebody out there is finally discovering you. It's payback on all the hard work we put into promoting our shops :)

  6. These sound like great ideas for the year. Congrats on your sales so far and may you reach your goal of 104+
    As for the timer, I keep my 'doodle-book' near me at all times. When I start crafting I quickly write down the time, then write the time when I stop as well. It takes 2 seconds but helps me keep track

  7. great goals, I'm jealous of your (well-deserved) sales! good luck in 2012

  8. go for it turtle...12 perfect sales! Congrats on re-visiting your goals

  9. you sound very focused! Definitely look into summer shows starting now. They can be hit or miss but by getting out there and doing it you learn a lot and a lot about other shows.

  10. Those are pretty good goals. Good luck on keeping them! I always have trouble setting a reasonable level of goals. :)