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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pinterest SUCCESS!

So, what can I say, I'm a pinterest addict!!! However, for us, this has been a great thing. Not only do I find lots of scrumptious food, I also COOK it. We were getting a very boring repertoire of recipes, and eating the same thing every week. I have found some amazing recipes, that hubby loves as much as I do, and we are eating much better lately. And I am quite happy to say this is a post full of pinterest successes, instead of the usual fails everyone loves.

Below you will find a review of six recipes we have tried lately, as well as the links back to them. To get to the website of the original recipe, just click on the caption under the picture for the recipe you like. ENJOY!

Gluten Free Mexican Rice and Beef

One of the first ones we tried was Gluten Free Mexican Rice and Beef. It was pretty good. A few suggestions: make sure you have a 2:1 ratio of liquid to rice. Especially if you are at a high altitude like I am! Use a giant soup pot, not a pan. This gives you enough room to stir up the contents and not make a huge mess of your stove. I also added the tomato sauce right from the beginning, instead of waiting to see if it needed it. And just leave the meat in the pot the whole time, and let everything cook together.

Mongolian Beef

Next we had Mongolian Beef. I have tried quite a few Mongolian Beef recipes over the past few months, and this is by far, the best tasting one, and most like what we are used to from this fantastic Chinese restaurant we left behind in NC.

Crock Pot Shredded Beef Tacos

CrockPot Shredded beef tacos were next. Not one of favorites. It was way too much chili sauce, but not enough flavor. The meat still tasted like beef, not yummy mexican flavors integrated in beef! Another favorite recipe of ours is crock pot salsa chicken, that is just fantastic. Its just a 24oz jar of salsa, a packet of taco seasonings, and juice of a lime (which I often leave out), and frozen chicken breasts. Cook on high for 4-5 hours. YUMMY!! I bet it would work just as well with the beef if hubby wanted it, and it comes out really flavorful with the chicken.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Sweet and sour chicken was another so-so recipe. It was a lot of work, and it wasn't that fantastic tasting. We usually use a sweet and sour sauce out of a jar, and its really good. And takes no effort. Think we will stick with that for now.

Lemon Chicken and Angel Hair Pasta

Our absolute favorite recipe we have tried was the Lemon Chicken with Angel hair pasta and spinach. I do suggest using a large pan for this. And do NOT get super zealous in zesting the lemons. I got every bit of zest off both of the lemons, and it was WAY too lemony. I also accidentally dumped a ton of red pepper flakes in, and couldn't get them all out. So it wound up super lemony and spicy!!! But that was just me and my stupid clumsiness. It was still fantastic, and we ate the leftovers the next day, and enjoyed it just as much!

Chocolate Cherry Bombs

And these chocolate cherry bombs were the best desert I have made in a LONG time. They are really labor intensive, and very very messy, but I think if you made them in a cake pop pan it would work, and be a lot easier. Only had one casualty, as you can see below.  I dipped the ball into the slightly cool chocolate, it was too thick, and when I pulled it out, the ball just crumbled. But dont worry, it tasted great.

Now, if that hasn't made you thoroughly hungry, I dont know what else to tell you!!!

(All pictures were taken from the blog/website of the original author. The cherry bombs is my personal photography)


  1. Awesome post! I've been dying to try those cherry bombs, glad to hear they're tasty!

  2. I've found some of the things that look and sound wonderful actually turn out to be rather bland. Sounds like you've had the same experiences. But, hey, never know until you try, right?

  3. It all looks delicious! I have been adding recipes from Pinterest, but haven't started trying them yet, until we are moved and I'm not so busy.

  4. Not a good post to read when I'm starving! Everything sounds so yummy!!!

  5. I am a new follower of yours on food and foodies!

  6. Very yummy, u can stop by any time to make them for me :)

  7. Those look delicious! We're totally going to try the Mongolian beef recipe!