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Friday, August 12, 2011

Cross Country Trip Day 10 & 11

Aug 10th and 11th.

Wednesday I was too tired to drive anymore, so I stayed in Denver an extra night. I explored the local areas and went to a couple of bead shops, of course :)  One store called String Beads was wonderful. Lots of goodies and very nice girls working there, especially since I showed up 10 minutes before closing time. They still helped me find beads and were very kind. The other store, Bead It!, seemed to be geared more to young girls. They host b-day parties and such there, so they don't have alot of high quality, expensive beads. But they were have a pewter trunk show, so I got a couple of strands.

Thursday I hit the road again, and drove over the Rockies and into southern Utah. I have never been to either, so it was quite amazing. I expected to go up one side of the Rockies, over the top, and back down the other side. That's not at all what it was. I went up up up over 10,000 feet, but never really came down. The mountains kind of plateaued, and became beautiful green fields and the Colorado river was running along side the highway for a long time. It was also awesome to go over the continental divide. Before that point the water in the river was flowing towards me, but once I crossed over the divide, the water was flowing along with me. Where I stopped in Utah it was still about 5000 feet. It was amazingly beautiful, enjoy some pictures.

Sunset over the Rockies

Heading up into the Rockies

A pretty stream in Colorado (east of the continental divide)

Up Up Up in the montains

Yup, thats snow on those mountains!!! In august.


  1. I bet the scenery was beautiful! Can't wait to see some more pictures!

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  3. Had to come back to view all of your pictures! Those clouds look like you could reach out and touch them, they are so low, and of course you were at such a high elevation too :-) Such beautiful scenery, I hope to someday get to experience a cross country trip like this. Thank you for sharing with us! ~Sym

  4. wow...what a beautiful country! Great photos, thanks for sharing!

  5. We have a wonderful, beautiful country. I love it and there is much I have not seen yet. Glad your long trip is over!