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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pinterest, and all its questions!!!

My teammates and I have recently discovered a new website,
It is a way to organize TONS of websites onto various boards. Its a virtual pinboard, where you can organize recipes, fashion, gifts, inspiration...and the list is limitless. You pin all these websites onto your boards, then when you need something, you just go to the pin and it takes you back to the website you found it on. Its a picture story of your favorites list.

Now in our discoveries, we have also come across questions. Below I will post the questions, and answers if applicable that have come up. If you have other questions, or answers to the questions, please don't hesitate to add them as a comment. This is all about helping each other discover the merits of a new medium.

Questions, and Answers

1. do I pin items to my boards in pinterest?

The long way is to copy the link, go to “add a pin” and fill in the info, using your link.

The quick way is to add the “pin it” shortcut. It says you can click and drag it to your toolbar, but I couldn’t get it to work. Here are the instructions:

To install the “Pin It” button in Internet Explorer:

1. Display your Favorites Bar by clicking Tools > Toolbars > Favorites Bar

2. Right-click the “Pin It” button and select “Add to Favorites”

3. On the pop-up window, select “Create in: Favorites Bar”

4. When you are browsing the web, push the “Pin It” button to pin an image

2. I am trying to pin... I have a necklace pinned 3 times... now I can not remove it.

Hover over the item, top left corner says “edit”, click on it. A little screen pops up, in the top left corner, it says “delete pin”, click on it. It will ask if you are sure.

3. Does anyone else have problems with the pins "sticking" on pinterest?? I pin something, but it doesn't show up, or I move it to a different board and the item disappears.

 No answers yet :(

4. can you "rearrange" your pins? I'm anal I know, but I want certain things next to each other.

It's so helpful that they set it up so we can change Boards around, but they do not have a way for us to arrange our Pins. I know of quite a few people besides myself, that go as far as deleting some of their pins to get them in the order they like best!

5. How do I follow someone. I'm getting lots of notices that someone is following me but don't see anywhere to click to follow back with I go to their sites. There is a button that says "Follow All". Is that it? What do they mean by 'all'? Am I signing up to follow the whole site. Eek!

Yes, you hit the Follow doesn't mean you're following the whole Pinterest site...It means you're Following ALL of that person's boards.

6. I set up a board and am trying to pin items. Downloading (browse mode) from my Pictures and EI tells me that they have blocked this site from downloading files into my computer. Click for options gives me the option of "download" but when I click that, everything is gone and we're back to square one. I am trying to load something TO Pinterest. What does Pinterest downloading files to my computer have to do with that?

No answers yet :(

7. Did you know if you pin it you can tweet it with the pinterest and saves you a step. Even add it to your fb!

Please add your questions and answers below in the comments section!!!


  1. THANKS TURTLE for compiling all the questions and finding answers to them :)))

  2. Hey, Turtle...
    I'm making progress using the 'pin it' button but am still unable to download using the 'browse' feature which is necessary when trying to load personal pictures which do not have URL.

    I thought it would work like the blog for the same pictures but IE is blocking the downloading. How are other people downloading non-URL images.

  3. Thanks for all the great info, Turtle.